Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Way

It is just the way of things, some say. The alarm blares at an ungodly morning hour waking us from a wonderful dream and pushing us out of our comfortably warm beds. It is an all too common experience.

On this particular morning I could hear the light pitter-patter of falling rain on the roof of the camper Erin and I have been living in for the summer. I rolled over and fumbled with the snooze on my wristwatch—yes, it has one--and let out a small groan.

There are three of us guiding for Adventure 60 North, a small guiding company in Seward, Alaska. Luke and Erin complete the trio of guides. The rain meant I could look forward to being wet for the next four hours.

From time to time, both separately and together, we talk about the days we just don’t feel like paddling, and come to find once we get out there it is the only place we want to be. This would be one of those days.

I got the motivation for getting out of bed by promising myself an afternoon siesta, and a cold beer bought with tip money. (I had crossed my fingers for good tippers the night before). Due to the lack of heat in the camper and a particularly cold night I put on cold, slightly damp paddling gear still wet from the night before and headed out the door to meet my clients.

It was misting lightly as they pulled up and piled out of their vehicle. By the time everyone was ready and we had gotten to the beach the mist had stopped. While in places the sky still threatened a wet paddle, it also teased us with sunny holes on the opposite shoreline.

As I climbed into the kayak and dipped my paddle into the glassy, grey green waters of Resurrection Bay, the kayak instantly responsive to my whim, I knew it was worth getting out of bed.

We enjoyed each other’s company, chatting and laughing as our boats slid along the western shoreline. It was truly refreshing to be among like-minded people, just out there to enjoy an experience. Though the weather was cloudy, and the wildlife nonexistent, say for a few fish that flopped on the surface and an all too common Bald Eagle they never complained.

Right now I sip on a Molson and intermittently raise it to clink bottlenecks with my fellow guides and my brother. Good tips keep guides in beer. We are all very happy to be where we are.

Being open to new activities and finding the good in every experience can only lead to a full and exciting life. That means being open to what the moment is presenting and getting out of bed when the alarm sings. It’s just the way of things, some say.

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  1. first,thanks greg for a great day in the bay.your so right,finding the the good things in all conditionsis the only way to veiw life and nature.never put expectations on things and you,ll never be looking so forward to your adventure around lake superior.gonna be a blast following your blog. ...jeff.