Friday, May 28, 2010

Kayak Building, Day 11 & 12

May 28, 2010

To our surprise, designing our own hatches took a full day.  And we're still not done with them.  We do however know what we are going to do for them and just need to finish one each, the larger stern one. 
We are building slightly different styles but with the same two ideas in mind: strength and function.  We want them to keep water out and to be able to withstand the pressure of straps holding down the hatch covers. 
That was day 11, on day 12 we spent the whole day applying 3 coats of marine varnish to the entire frame.  After it has a full 24 hours to dry we'll lash our hatches into place and hope that our rudders have arrived to install the foot track on the inside of the cockpit.  After that, we can skin our kayaks whenever our nylon shows up.

To allow the boats to dry they will sit untouched today while we travel up to Duluth with one of our editors, Katie, to ride on and film the lift bridge over the canal.  This will give us a chance to introduce her to our friend Dave Costello who will be soundtracking our film with his music and to show Katie our departure day plans and locations.

We also installed the breasthooks on both ends to transition the two gunwales and the stems smoothly.

Time Spent Both Days: 14 hrs
Total Time Spent: 79 hrs
What's Next: letting the varnish dry and installing the hatches and foot tracks for the rudder

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