Friday, August 20, 2010

The Skinny


Well, I must say it has been some time, has it not? My sincere apologies, truly. There has been so much that has happened! Maybe I'll start with the skinny. Weather days blow. In Floating Heart Bay Lu and I got off the water in time for a lightening strike to hit the ridge line above camp, and pitched our tent next to a group from Naturally Superior Adventures (NSA). Little did we know at that time how close we would all become. The crew: Max, Kris, Wolfgang, Lauren, Ryan. Spent four days waiting for our cache to arrive at NSA and did odd jobs For Dave and Ray (Rossport Ray if you've been following along) to offset the price of food and lodging.

Met a wonderful kayaking and overall adventurous family that refreshed us in more ways than one. Damn good wilderness pizza Mike. They even spotted us from the road on their way back to Michigan and waved from the roadside. To Teresa, Mike, Claire, and Jake: You are a fantastic family. I can only hope that there are more families like you out there.

Wind bound on Maple Island for four days included a visit from the O.P.P. (Ontario Prov. Police.). This will have to be a post for later. Too long a story to tell in the 6 minutes i have left on this computer. Look for it in a Facebook note on our group page.

Pulled a muscle in my neck practicing my roll. That made for a couple painful days paddling.

Oh why, do i wait to do this sort of thing last on my Internet list?!?! So sorry guys.

Brief paddle into the Soo locks, many sunsets, food tasting old and predictable. Love felt by many people. Tent sucks! We get wet often when it rains.... Upon exiting the first bar last night we put "White Christmas" on the jukebox and waited for people to notice......This IS the life!!!

paddle on!

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