Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coming into the Home Stretch!

Just got off the phone with Luke, He seems extremely excited to get back to Duluth. I belive his excitement started last night as the sun went down they could see the lights of Duluth from where they set camp. As you may have seen on the Live Tracking site they are really close to closing out their journey. They will be setting up camp in a few hours at the end of park point near the lighthouse. They would like to extend an invitation to anyone that would like to hike out and visit, camp with them or join them in paddling the last leg of the trip tomorrow, the plan is to start paddling the last 8 miles of the trip around 10 AM and reach the UMD Aquatic Center Beach around 1 PM.
Luke wanted to remind anyone coming out tonight to visit or stay that the forecasted weather for tonight is COLD!! 27 - 33 degrees if you’re hiking out or want to camp out with them please remember to bring adequate clothing and gear.

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  1. . . . and life is good!!
    You earned it. Dad