Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lake Superior Kayak Kolsch

October, 26, 2010

On the 97th and final day of our journey we followed the 8 mile length of Park Point in what was truly our homestretch. To our joy, friends joined us for those last few miles to help us bring it home. We picked them up as we went along, literally from the very tip of the sand spit all the way to the Lift Bridge until we were just shy of a dozen kayakers. It was a beautiful Duluth day and very special to us to have a circle of friends along on our last paddle.
One of the first to join our flotilla was Dale, Operator of Lake Superior Brewing Company right there in Duluth, MN. Not only did he share the day on the water but when we finally did land at the beach he popped his trunk and shared with us one of our favorite beverages.

What beer could be more appropriate for a group of paddlers who love to celebrate a worthy achievement than the aptly named Kayak Kolsch? Nothing, in our opinion.

Thanks to Dale and Lake Superior Brewing Company in Duluth for sponsoring our Superior Dream! You'll be happy to know you can find it bottled and on tap all over Minnesota, and when you do be sure to tell them thanks for having it.

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