Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Planning Resumes

Greg and I just returned from a 3 week surfing trip to Costa Rica. We find ourselves back in the state of Minnesota preparing for an exciting winter. Greg returns shortly to his wilderness therapy job which he will work in hitches up until we begin building our boats in May. I am starting the exciting and sometimes overwhelming process of looking for meaningful work.

I struggle with the meaningful part, because on one hand just finding a job, any job, will mean I am making money to help allow this huge trip to happen. But on the other hand I prefer to work within a field that is important to me, and that is any mixture of adventure and education, through mediums such as writing and guiding. Another big question for me is location, as this has always been a strong force in what I do and where I go. My original plan was for Durango, CO this coming winter but it appears now that I may catch a different wave, I'm just not sure which one?

Be that what it may, I have come back to the planning den where two Mac's and my renewed enthusiasm have helped me dive back into the creative and logistical aspects of our Superior Dream paddling trip. I am constantly stumbling onto inspiring and potentially helpful fellow adventurers, most of whom have a closeness to either Lake Superior or expedition planning.

This fuels my drive with this project, and as Greg and I pool our ideas and make progress with specific aspects we feel more and more a connection with this trip. Which, in turn, drives us even more. Even in between surf sessions and on walks to the reef we brainstormed about Superior Dreams down in Costa Rica. It was a time lay out an outline for progress, and now we continue on down that outline.
Look back more regularly whenever possible and keep an eye out for updates and exciting news. We're hoping for big things. We're are 7 months out from departure! The Planning Resumes...

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