Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deck Beams on Day 3

April 27, 2010

We tacked in all of the deck beams to our gunwales today.  9 straight ones and 2 curved ones over the front of the cockpit.  The straight ones went fairly quickly and the 2 curved ones just needed some extra measuring and design to get right.

After tacking them into place with penny nails, we then attached 6 windlasses around the gunwales from bow to stern and tightened each one, one turn at a time, hoping to pull the gunwales into a 25 degree angle to meet the ends of each deck beam flush.  

Doing so is more difficult than it looks and we're hoping if we add a few more windlasses we can pull the entire length of the gunwale into position.  As of right now the extreme ends won't turn for us.  If we can get them to, then we'll remove the nails and dowel each deck beam in.

Time Spent Today: 9 hrs
Total Time Spent: 24 hrs
What's Next: Dowel in the beams and stain the entire deck.

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