Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kayak Building, Day 4

April 29, 2010

We returned from Duluth this afternoon after seeing our friends from Full Circle Superior off on their hike around Lake Superior.  This meant a half day of work on our boats and a portion of that was spent replacing two broken arched deck beams.  The inward pressure of the windlasses snapped Greg's high arch deck beam and when we were hammering the first dowel into mine it also snapped, both of them in the same place.

I'm not happy with my broken deck beam...

We finally got most of these gaps closed.

We managed to pull the angle of the gunwales into place and closed the gap on most of the deck beams and then started doweling our deck beams into place.  

Greg hammering in dowels to his deck beams.

Time Spent Today: 3.5 hrs
Total Time Spent: 27.5 hrs
What's Next: Finish doweling, then planing the upper edges of the gunwales and lashing the deck beams and gunwales.

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