Friday, April 30, 2010

Kayak Building, Day5

April 30, 2010

Greg threads hot pink mason line through the deck beams and gunwales.

Lashing the deck beams is a tedious job, and also a bit nerve racking considering we will remove the windlasses once this is completed. The windlasses have thus far given the kayaks their tapered flair from the top of the craft to the bottom and added support to gunwales.

Once the bit of feminine flare has been added it was time to plane down the tops of the
gunwales to allow the nylon covering that we'll be adding later a smooth, flat edge to lay on.
That is my favorite part I think, because it made all these curly shavings.

To our relief when the windlasses were removed the kayak did not lose its shape. It actually seems a bit more sturdy.

Time Spent Today: 6 hrs
Total Time Spent: 33.5 hrs
What's Next: The next step is to seal the kayak deck in a water resistant sealant. This will take the majority of the day tomorrow so we will try to multitask and begin making the keelson as well.

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