Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kayak Construction Has Begun

April 25, 2010

The gunwales have been shaped!  We started this morning by making our first run to the lumber yard.  From there we arranged the garage with our laptops, music and tools and started building our kayaks.  

We spent a lot of time measuring ourselves and transferring those numbers onto the gunwales, marking our deck beam and rib placements, where we intend to put our hatches, and installing the risers on both the bow and the stern.  We fixed them in place with dowels and shaped them together.  It was pleasing to both of our eyes to see the subtle shape of a kayak hull being revealed just by adding the slight curves on each end.  
We are both feeling really good about tackling this component of Superior Dream by this method.  As we feel with all things related to the expedition, by being flexible and open to something going other than how we originally planned, our potential becomes even higher.  

Good feelings about these boats and the fantastic workspace we have to get them built.

Total hours spent: 7 hrs
What's Next: deck beams, among other things...

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  1. Nice strategy of building. I loved the way and am sure going to work out better this time to build my dream house.