Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Update

April 23, 2010

This past week I made a mad dash to pick out 4 quality pine boards that will be serve as our gunwales and officially mark the beginning of our boat construction.  Normally these 16 footers are a special order item (at least at Menards) yet 14 of them waited for me in west St. Paul, the only ones in all of the metro (again, at least at Menards).  I found 2 each with good looking vertical grain and similar flex, wrapped em, strapped em, and escorted them back to the garage.

We are excited for this weekend for two reasons.  First the Midwest Mountaineering Expo starts today and offers hundreds of free presentations through the next 3 days.  Greg is on his way up from St Peter and we've each got our own list of activities we'd like to participate in, both pertaining to Superior Dream and aside.  It's also a chance to see a bunch of familiar UMD faces and other friends of which an event like this brings out. 

Secondly, we are pumped up to actually start building our kayaks. After going over our plans and picking up the supplies we'll need for the first few days the radio will get turned up and the camera will start recording.  In many ways it feels like this adventure is officially starting.

We'll spend the next couple weeks working on them.  When we're not we'll be talking over other aspects of the expedition.  Lots to do but plenty of time to do it.  


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