Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back Home

I've made the move. Now Luke and I both live near the sparkling waters that have inspired us for so long. Lu's working up the shore at Lutsen Resort, and I have landed a job at Vertical Endeavors.

A month ago I made the decision that I needed to move out of my car and back into a place of my own. Bouncing seasonally from place to place for four years can wear a guy out. I desired a community and there was only one that I would accept, Duluth.

I found a hole-in-the-wall studio apartment with month to month rent (no need to marry the place) and began the job search. It is an amazing feeling to look out over The Lake again. Now more than ever I sit and try to imagine myself far out from shore, my paddle cutting into the water and the complete silence that 'out there' possesses.

It seems that I am transitioning--starting something new and it is scary at times. I've been in my apartment now for a month and I am already dreaming of  my favorite people and places out west. I'm not used to wrestling with the idea that I will have to request time off, budget money so I can afford rent, and won't be able point my headlights toward the horizon whenever I want.

At this point it all seems like a decent price tag for that sense of community that I've been lacking on the road. I am not clawing at the walls of closet of an apartment--yet anyway. I am getting used to the idea of waking up in a space that I can share with visiting friends and is wholly mine.

I figure it'll be good to have a base camp for a bit. I can focus more on Superior Dream and a list of other hobbies while I have a good space to do so.

On the days when I get that trapped feeling, I find a hidden place next to the lake. I sit and she reminds me that this is where I want to be, this is the community I want to be part of, and you miss a lot when your home travels at 75 miles per hour from place to place.

It's good to keep that in mind.

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