Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The SD Experience: Fun Facts and Extras

As we lead up to the release of our Kickstarter video, and ultimately the documentary, we'll present an extended series of fun facts, unpublished photos and other extras from the expedition itself and the project overall.  This should give you a more casual peek into the Superior Dream experience.

First in line is this picture.

I thought it would be fitting to start with a photo of the two of us, but there are surprisingly only a few.  This is taken from a public park while we waited out a wind advisory just west of Sault Ste Marie, MI.  We had just turned our cell phones back on (only briefly) after a month and a half in Canada.  Greg is ordering a pizza.  Just kidding.  He's actually calling to confirm that there are indeed 100 wind turbines on the ridge across the river from us.  He counted each one and quizzed me on the paddle by them.

Stay tuned for more...

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